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You did it! You managed to successfully negotiate the home buying process. You dealt with the loan officer, numerous conditions, etc. all to land in the Akron Ohio home of your dreams. So how are you going to move your stuff? Hopefully you’ll do a little research and select the best movers in Akron OH to safely move the contents of your current residence into your new home. When you’re done searching, we’re confident you’ll choose us to help you with your move. Simply put, we’re the best movers in Akron, and our history of satisfied customers and referral business proves it!

Our reputation didn’t come easy or by coincidence. We’re regarded among the best movers in Akron OH because we adhere to a few simple principles that ensure success. We strive to treat each customer like a member of our family, and handle the contents of their homes as we would handle our own possessions. This simple approach has allowed us to provide our customers with a hassle-free moving experience. After our customers move with us, we often end up moving their friends and relatives because our customers feel strongly enough about our service to recommend us to their closest friends and family.

Go With the Home Team

If you’re moving into the Akron Ohio area, you already know all it has to offer. Whether you’re new to the area, or simply moving to your next Akron home, our local experience will provide you with a smooth transition, and the insight only a local business can provide. Each of our employees is local to the community, so you know they can be trusted to handle your most precious possessions.


Before you decide that you can move yourself for less than hiring professional movers, think about the value of your time, and all the things you need to do besides move. Once you factor in the cost of your time, a rental van, dollies, blankets, and miscellaneous supplies, we quickly become the better deal. Call us today to see how affordable the best movers in Akron OH can be!


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